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SAFE WOODEN PUZZLE FOR TODDLER: Designed with the toddler in mind, this wooden puzzles toy is made of high-quality natural wood , which is smooth, rounded, and no splintery edges and finished wit...
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▶︎ This is a learning clock that allows the user to tell the correct time up to one minute increments simply by reading out the same colored numbers pointed to by the long and short hands. ▶︎ It is...
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Product FeaturesThis "clock toy" allows children to practice reading a clock by turning the hands by themselves. Just by reading the numbers in the same color as the hands, you can tell the correct...
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▶︎ The soft material of this puzzle makes it fun and safe to play with.▶︎ You can progress from simple shapes to more complex ones through repeated fitting and unscrewing.▶︎ Improves dexterity!By m...
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Product FeaturesThis puzzle uses seven wooden pieces of different shapes and sizes to create silhouettes. The first step is to use the supplied "guide board" to place the pieces so that they fit in...
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  Over and under, then looping it through…look what I can do! Few things will give your child more satisfaction than mastering shoe lacing and basic tying skills. This brightly colored wooden hig...