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Animal sandwich cutter  Size cutter: 100mm x 115mm x 35mm stamp: 44mm x 39mm x 45mm
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▶︎ It can be steamed in the microwave, mashed, and then put directly on the table with the lid on for storage. ▶︎ Large size and easy to use. ▶︎ Compact storage. ▶︎ Made in Japan 🇯🇵
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Material: Cotton 100%Size: 40*60 cmAge: 1-3 year
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▶︎ Baby tweezers with rounded tips. ▶︎ Easy to pick up and safe. ▶︎ Made of all plastic, rust-free and hygienic. ▶︎ Can be sterilized by boiling. (Transparent cases cannot be sterilized by boiling...